Evolving for the Future

Announcement to all our customers past, present & future

Here at House of Woodstock, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 17th year, during which we’ve tackled numerous challenges – recessions, the Covid pandemic, and escalating costs due to Brexit and the Ukraine war.

We extend our hearfelt thanks to our loyal customers for their support over the years, particularly as our lives have evolved living in the UK, bring us our biggest challenge to date – working from a distance.

Our journey has seen us transform and innovate, ensuring a cost effective future for House of Woodstock while maintaining our presence in West Cork.

Our Aim

Given our current location’s limitations, we’re embarking on a relocation to a smaller premises, streamlining our retail operations.

Our primary focus will shift towards establishing an efficient online platorm to deliver products directly to customers all across Ireland, including our Trade Accounts.

For product inquiries and orders, simply use the contact form below or reach out via email. If you prefer a conversation with David, kindly provide your contact details in the email.


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