Hamco Morgan 7 Dry Stove

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The Morgan 7 is the smallest of the Morgan range of stoves offering an output of 6.8 Kw which is enough to heat your average family room or as an added heat source to a larger living room.
—large window for a stove of its size
— Powerful Airwash to help keep the glass clean
— Cleanburn Technology, preheated combustion air giving you more heat to your room and less harmful emmisions to the atmosphere.
— Vermiculite inner lining, improves combustion and helps keep the inside clean
— Attractive Stainless Steel fittings
— Out Side Air ready ( O. S. A), making it suitable for Heat Recovery Systems/ Sealed homes
— Ability to burn smokeless fuels and wood
— External Riddling System
— Top or Rear Flue outlet


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